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We all have some flaws that can be worked on and some that can never be fixed. Nobody is perfect - not even those people on Instagram doing their best to portray unblemished, heavenly lifestyles. Please try to remember that.

Around one in four people will struggle with mental health problems in any given year, so even if you're lucky enough to have never been affected by them there's a good chance someone close to you has. 

The festive period can be a really stressful time, whether you live with mental health problems or not. There’s immense pressure to socialise with friends and family, and of course there's a notable financial strain that presents and celebrations can put on your bank balance. Never believe the things you tell yourself when you are feeling stressed, lonely or down, and always give yourself credit for doing something you've found difficult to do - even if that thing is simply getting out of bed today. Acknowledge your achievements and be proud of them, and if you didn't manage to do that thing today don't beat yourself up about it - there's always tomorrow!

Whether you're concerned about yourself or a loved one, these website links can offer expert advice to help you get back on track. Don't be afraid to share your feelings, you are honestly not a burden, and you deserve happiness. We all do.

Anxiety UK -
Mental Health Foundation -
YoungMinds -
Mind -
No Panic -
Samaritans -

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