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Scented Candles - Onyx Collection
Onyx Candles-aromas by flo

Scented Candles - Onyx Collection

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A celebration of the sophisticated aromas of the most opulent essential oils, combined with natural soy wax offering the most beautifully complex fragrance notes to permeate any room.

Each candle is presented in a beautiful matt black glass and includes a bronze coloured candle cover. They are carefully packaged in an elegant black gift box.

Now for the hard part, which enticing scent will you choose?

As the name suggests, Pink Gin was inspired by our love for that incredibly moreish spirit. At the heart of this beautiful fragrance is, of course, the intensely aromatic juniper berry, which when combined with our unique blend of botanicals, including the spicy notes of pink peppercorn and the crisp freshness of coriander produces a dazzling medley that promises to delight the senses. Cheers!

Earth Chorus is a modern twist on the celebrated aromatic accord of the chypre fragrance family. This harmonious combination of essential oils includes the deep, earthy notes of patchouli and the grassy scent of vetiver alongside spicy black pepper. The addition of neroli, with its intensely floral bouquet, results in a hedonistic aroma that transports you into the welcoming arms of a balmy woodland sanctuary.

Allure has been created using an opulent blend of exceptional essential oils and decadent absolutes in order to seduce and entice the senses. This captivating blend is elegantly floral with a heady mix that includes sensuous Jasmine; exotic and spicy Neroli; intoxicating Rose and earthy Vetiver. 

Technical Information:

200g soy wax candle with a single cotton wick.

These candles will give up to 40 hours burn time.

100% Natural - no synthetic fragrance only pure essential oils


Recyclable glass jar and packaging

Getting the best from your candle and safety information