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Novo Aroma Diffuser & Essential oil blend collection - Special Offer

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These compact aromatherapy diffusers are the perfect companion for small spaces, such as the bathroom or even on the go - to your office, workshop or hotel room.

The diffuser, along with your favourite essential oils, can help to create your very own utopia - regardless of the setting, whether you need help focusing on a task at hand or you just feel like spending some time out to be mindful.

For a limited time only we are offering you a collection of 3 of our essential oil blends for £25 -saving you £8.

Choose from either

Calm - a combining our relax, embrace and serenity oils.

Uplift - a combination of our zest, happiness and uplifting oils.

Bespoke - choose any three oils from our blends and simply add a note of your choice with your order.

Click here to see full details of these beautiful diffusers or to simply purchase a diffuser without any oils.