Skye Aroma Diffuser-aromas by flo
Skye Aroma Diffuser-aromas by flo

Skye Aroma Diffuser

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These beautifully designed bamboo aroma diffusers stand out thanks to their exquisitely carved solid bamboo base and frosted glass dome. Sustainably sourced, the bamboo is cut by hand, which allows the maturing and flowering strands to remain flourishing meaning minimum impact on our planet's wildlife.

This diffuser is the ideal way to enliven your surroundings with fragrance and light, magically transforming your environment by bringing the beauty and magnetism of nature into your home.

The low energy LED lighting can be set to either gradually change through a spectrum of delicately illuminated colours or you can simply select your preferred colour to match your mood. A night mode allows you to switch the lights off completely, meaning this device is perfect for night-time use.

This contemporary diffuser uses tap water and essential oils to produce an alluring, aromatic plume of fine mist into the room. It is effortlessly activated by applying gentle pressure to the top of the device with your hand, meaning the Skye couldn't be any easier to operate - or enjoy!

For a limited time only we are offering one of our essential oil blends for half price when you purchase a diffuser.


Adjustable mist volume
Colour selection mode
Night mode
Product size: 210mm x 210mm
Power: 12W
Voltage: 12V DC
Water capacity: 100 ml

Care and maintenance:

Always disconnect from the power source before cleaning.

It is important to keep the diffuser tank clean by carefully rinsing out the water tank after each use and wiping it dry, taking care around the ceramic disk. This is especially important if you are using any citrus based oils (Bergamot, Citronella, Grapefruit, Lemon, Lemongrass, Lime, Mandarin, Orange, Petitgrain).

Do not leave stagnant water and or oil in the water tank for prolonged periods.