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Altrincham Market - Home to the best artisans and independent retailers

Altrincham market - ‘Passionately regional, fiercely independent’

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We’ve had the pleasure of being part of the Altrincham market community since it was relaunched in 2015 by Nick Johnson and Jenny Thompson. Here, we found a beautiful home for aromas by flo, among so many talented artists, makers and producers, and we can’t wait to be back this April with our collection of handmade aromatherapy candles, unique essential oil blends, soy wax melts and the best essential oil diffusers in the UK. 

altrincham market - aromas by flo

The market is more than our physical home;  it is home to many other amazing independent businesses, fabulous food, and is an all round great place to shop and socialise with family, friends and doggos!

Find flo at Altrincham Market 

Fri 6 May 9 - 3pm
Sat 7 May 9 - 4pm
Sun 8 May 10 - 4pm
Sat 2 July 9 - 4pm
Sun 3 July 10 - 4pm

In this blog we wanted to share our passion for this gem and celebrate our return by sharing just some of the reasons we love Altrincham Market so much.

About Altrincham Market

The market, which has been at the heart of Altrincham since 1290, is an integral part of its community, but like many market towns it witnessed a huge decline and became overshadowed by out of town retail parks.  In 2010 the town hit the headlines when the Local Data Company (LDC) published results which showed Altrincham had the highest proportion of shops lying empty in the country.

But in 2014 the future for Altrincham and the market was once again shining bright, when the the listed market building and covered market was renovated by Nick and Jenny and quickly became the home to not only the best traditional market traders such as Loving Artisan bakery, Wintertarn dairy and Whites fruit and veg. But it also rapidly became a foodie destination with fabulous vegan street food, and the home to award-winning Great North Pie Co and Honest Crust Sourdough Pizza - and one of the best artisan markets in the UK.

The hard work paid off in 2015 when The Observer Food Monthly declared them the Best Market. This success has had a massive impact across the town, with a influx of independent restaurants and coffee shops creating a real buzz about the place, which, according the Sunday Times, is the best place to live in the Northwest 2021.

‘Alty is where suburbia meets utopia - Alty’s supremely sociable and fiercely independent market is the jewel in the crown of this super suburb.’

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Much has been highlighted about Altrincham market as a gastronomical delight, but we want to focus on the all independent retailers, artists and makers who, like us, call the covered market home.

Altrincham Market - home of some the best artisans in the UK

Alongside the permanent residents, there is a regular rotation of celebrated traders from across the north west, every weekend. This is just a snapshot of talent you will find whilst browsing the covered market with a latte or glass of fizz in hand! 

altrincham market - joe&co - whats on at altrincham market

 altrincham market - fire station pottery - whats on at altrincham market

altrincham market - lisa watson design - handmade quilts - whats on at altrincham market

altrincham market - fresh flowers co - florists altrincham - whats on at altrincham market

altrincham market - mayfly jewellery - whats on at altrincham market

altrincham market - one small step - zero waste store - refill station - whats on at altrincham market

altrincham market - Martin O'Neill Ceramic Artist - whats on at altrincham market

altrincham market - pet shop - handmade pet treats - pet friendly shops - visit altrincham market


Aromas by Flo at Altrincham Market

the best essential oil diffusers UK - altrincham market - aromatherapy diffusers

 essential oil blends for diffusers - aromas by flo - altrincham market

Altrincham Market  - Home to fabulous vegan street food

We can’t finish without mentioning the vegan venders who keep us satisfied with lots of tasty treats and fabulous lunches whilst working at the market. From the gorgeous arancini balls produced by Little Orange Co to one of the sumpscious bowls of Asian food from Banh.VI, there's something for eveyone.

We can’t wait to see you all again.

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Best wishes,

Emma & Warren x

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