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About us

Hello and welcome to flo. We're a small independent company based in North West England, working incredibly hard using only plant based ingredients to create a range of natural home fragrance products infused with pure essential oils for you to enjoy.

We originally started making soy candles several years ago for ourselves and our families to enjoy, but once they began requesting them for friends of friends as gifts, we decided to expand and create a range for everyone to experience.

We love working with natural and renewable ingredients to help us create fabulous home fragrance products for you, for example, the soy wax we use is from renewable sources and is free from any artificial or toxic elements, meaning our candles burn cleanly unlike traditional paraffin items, and - because of the lower melting point - last much longer too. We also use an organic grain base certified by the Soil Association for all our reed diffusers and room sprays.

We chose to enrich all our products with 100% essential oils as they produce a uniquely beautiful fragrance, enhancing the aroma and mood in any environment thanks to their aromatherapeutic properties.

The majority of  makers rely on cheap, chemical-based synthetic scents; some use a concoction of essential oils and synthetic products but only mention the inclusion of essential oils; we pride ourselves on the fact that all of our products are scented purely with essential oils.  

As you can imagine, it's not always easy to conjure up new scents, using only essential oils but we love a challenge and it feels great to be a company with a conscience. So many companies are currently churning out products containing synthetic fragrance oils. It's hard to get away from them but we at flo are delighted and very proud to provide our customers with what we believe to be a naturally beautiful, healthier and ultimately superior alternative.

We are proud to have been approved by PETA as vegan and awarded beauty without cruelty status.

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Aromas by flo team - meet the makers

 Emma & Warren.

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