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why you should use lavender essential oil

We've blogged before about companies implying that their products are natural when they're not, but there's a new TV advert by a certain home fragrance manufacturer, where they state that each lavender essential oil diffuser has been 'infused with 80 lavender flowers'. That figure sounds very impressive, until you realise that it takes approximately three pounds of lavender flowers to produce enough essential oil to fill just one of our 10ml bottles. Imagine that? Three pounds of flowers? For some reason they don't seem to mention how much Christmas Cookie essential oil goes into their Christmas Cookie scented diffusers...

This is why you should always take a good look at the ingredients - and ask questions, because it's very easy to see a photo of a flower on some packaging and instantly presume that a product is completely natural. 
We acknowledge that many people are happy to buy synthetic fragrances for their home but, as a company with a conscience, we just wanted to point out that many manufacturers love to shout from the rooftops about the natural elements in their products while conveniently failing to mention the synthetic perfumes present in them. It's a bit like a burger restaurant trying to appeal to vegetarians by running adverts highlighting that their quarter pounders 'contain lettuce'.
All we're saying is please don't be taken in by cleverly worded advertising. 

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