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Stop comparing yourself!

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Don't compare your everyday life with someone's heavily edited highlights on social media.

If they've just got a new phone, or a pair of shoes, or a meerkat jumper that they want to show off about, be happy for them if it makes them feel good. But don't instantly tell yourself that that's what you need to do in order to be happy. If social media didn't exist you'd probably be sitting at home or in your office, thinking, 'I'm really looking forward to that fancy sandwich I made for lunch'. But what social media does is show you photos of other people's sandwiches that make yours look pretty basic. Ones with alfalfa sprouts, and beetroot, and they've used ciabatta. And it's been drizzled with chilli oil! My tomato and chickpea sandwich is obviously a steaming pile of manure in comparison. Right?

Comparing your life with someone else's will usually result in feelings of inadequacy, and if you're doing it on a daily basis - with the hundreds of accounts you follow - then those feelings will become overwhelming.

Stop being so hard on yourself, and enjoy your lunch. X

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