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Winter blues survival tips


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I'm not sure if Blue Monday is a real thing or not, but with winter in full swing, along with its long dark nights and grey gloomy days, it's no wonder our mood can sometimes take a nosedive and our energy levels dip.

Fortunately aromatherapy can help to lift spirits while we're waiting patiently for spring to arrive. Here are a few of our go to essential oils to have to hand:

Bergamot exudes a citrusy, spicy-floral fragrance and possesses powerful mood-stabilising properties.

Grapefruit is a great uplifting oil, with its energising properties make it ideal if you are feeling tired or unmotivated.

Lavender is renowned for its ability to reduce anxiety and emotional stress, and enhance your mood.

Patchouli oil can be incredibly calming and reputed to help reduce stress and alleviate anxiety.

Ylang ylang with its intoxicating floral aroma is often used as a mood booster, helping to balance emotions and it can also bring calm to the mind. In addition ylang ylang blended with lavender is known to help get a restful night's sleep.

All versatile essential oils in their own right, but when combined they are fabulous for raising spirits during those bleak, sunless periods.

Getting the most from essential oils...

Aroma diffusers – Simply add 4 to 6 drops of your chosen blend or solo oil into the pod with water as directed by the manufacturer.

Burners – To use an oil burner with a tealight candle is an incredibly simple and beautiful way to enjoy the aromas produced from essential oils. Fill the container on the top of your burner with some water and add 3 to 5 drops of oil (depending on the size of room). Never leave unattended and be careful to avoid the water and oil burning dry.

Bathtime – Adding essential oils is a luxurious way to enhance what can already be a most enjoyable way to relax, but don’t be tempted to add your oils (4 to 5 drops) whilst running your bath as the hot water causes the oils to escape before you have even set foot in the tub. Instead, be patient and add the oil once the bath is run and you can enjoy their full effects (hopefully in peace!).

Alongside having a stash of essential oils to hand, over the years I've begged borrowed and stolen a range of strategies to stop me from going into hibernation until May!

Get outside during the day. It sound obvious, but all too often when we leave for work it’s dark and dark when we get home, so planning a daily dose of daylight whenever possible is vital. I try to schedule in a walk or lunchtime stroll, which not only exposes me to some much-needed vitamin D but also gets me moving and talking to real people!

Keep it colourful. I am a sucker for tulips and daffodils, but also like to have a fruit bowl full of brightly colourful oranges to snack on, and it also helps me to get my vitamin C fix.

Allow yourself some time to hibernate - it would be rude not to! Cosy pyjamas, fluffy socks, a mug or two of hot chocolate, and a box set or 80s movie marathon.

Create an upbeat cheesy (sorry, cheery) playlist. Recent studies have shown that listening to upbeat music helps to improve people’s mood. I’m sometimes known to sing along, but I am not sure this helps the mental health of those around me...

We would love to know any of your winter survival tips and feel free to steal any of ours, but we don’t take any responsibility for any complaints from your neighbours about your singing!

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