Wax Melter Gifts

Wax Melter Gifts

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In these beautiful gifts, we have brought together a collection of our lovingly made soy wax melts, with one of our hand-picked, ceramic, herringbone design melters.

First: choose from our collection of melts

Calming: includes 6 x Embrace melts, 6 x Relax melts 6 x Serenity melts,1 x Onyx large melt, 4 x unscented large soy tea lights.

Uplifting: includes 6 x Happiness melts, 6 x Uplifting melts, 6 x Zest melts,1 x Onyx large melt, 4 x unscented large soy tea lights.

Flo discovery: includes 4 x Happiness melts, 4 x Relax melts, 4 x Serenity melts, 4 x Uplifting melts, 4 x Zest melts, 4 x unscented large soy tea lights.

Second: select the colour of the melter from turquoise, yellow or blue.

Third: leave the rest to us! We'll package your gift into a luxury black gift box and happily add a handwritten message for you; just leave a note with your order.