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Ceramic candle - pot candle - vegan candle - aromatherapy candle - handmade scented candle
Ceramic candle - pot candle - vegan candle - essential oil candle - aromatherapy candle
Ceramic candle- pot candle - vegan candle- aromatherapy candle - scented candle - essential oil candle

Handmade ceramic candle - Limited edition

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There's something special about a handmade earthenware pot. Each one is unique, with its own individual shape and glaze. That's why we've chosen these beautiful, sustainably produced vessels for our new limited edition collection. 

They have a rustic charm that is hard to find in mass-produced items made from machine-pressed clay. Each handcrafted earthenware container is one of a kind, with its own individual quirks and personality. There is also an inherent warmth and friendliness that comes from the human touch in their creation. When you pick one up, it feels like you are holding something alive, rather than just another piece of pottery. 

Embossed with a pretty heart design, they make the perfect gift for someone special, and once the candle has been enjoyed, they can be used to hold a hot beverage, your pens & pencils, make-up brushes, a small plant or a stealthy red wine. The possibilities are endless.

These limited edition ceramic candles bring you up to 40 hours burn time with a beautiful scent throw throughout.  

Choose from:

Uplifting:Uplifting has been created using with a unique blend of pure essential oils, which amalgamates to exude a beautifully fresh floral scent. The scent includes mandarin, known for promoting calmness and raising your spirits, with the floral notes of geranium and clary sage, resulting in an invigorating aroma.

Zest: Zest has been created using with a unique fusion of several essential oils, which together zing with freshness and help to raise your spirits. The vitalizing citrus scent is the result of a carefully selected blend of pure essential oils including refreshing lemongrass, crisp lime and tangy grapefruit.

Serenity: Serenity has been created using with a unique blend of pure essential oils, which combined produce a heavenly fresh, floral scent thanks to a divine fusion. This includes geranium - ideal for alleviating stress, lavender to promote tranquillity, and the soothing queen of essential oils rose, allowing you to relax and unwind.

Relax: Relax has been created using with a unique blend of pure essential oils, which combine to bring about a sense of calm and relaxation. This floral union has been crafted in order to relieve the stresses and strains of everyday life. Amongst the essential oils used, Relax utilizes the harmonising aromas of lavender, marjoram and petitgrain.

Halcyon: Halcyon is a spicy, warm combination that evokes joyful and serene recollections. This is a contemporary take on the well-known aromatic accord of the chypre scent family. The deep, earthy notes of patchouli and cedar wood are balanced by the spiciness of pink pepper and cardamom in this harmonic blend of essential oils. A slice of lime adds a sensual scent that transports you into the loving embrace of a warm wooded hideaway.


Soy wax: approx. 280g

Cotton wicks x 2

100% natural - no synthetic fragrance 

PETA approved vegan and cruelty free

Height: approx. 8.5 - 9 cm

Diameter: approx. 8.5 cm

The earthenware, recyclable  pots are designed  in Hamburg and sustainably produced in a small pottery in Portugal. Each piece is unique and dishwasher safe.

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