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Essential oil blend for a natural mood boost - how our zest blend is created to help raise your spirits and bring some zing into your home.

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The essential oil blend for a natural mood boost - how our zest blend is created to help raise your spirits and bring some zing into your home.

Spring has sprung and summer is peeking around the corner, and our fresh, citrus blend is perfect for an energy boost as well as filling your home or office with a crisp, mouthwatering fragrance.

From our conception, pure essential oils have been at the heart of what we do. Our bespoke range of hand-blended oils has been created to support your everyday well-being. You can enjoy this vivacious blend in one of our handpicked essential oil diffusers or experience its beautifully revitalizing aroma in our range of handmade aromatherapy candles, soy wax melts, handcrafted, organic reed diffusers, and room sprays.

So what makes zest so special? Let’s break down this unique blend and explore the benefits of the carefully selected pure essential oils used.

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Zest has been created using a unique fusion of several essential oils, including - among others - refreshing lemongrass, crisp bergamot, tangy grapefruit, with added va-va-voom from the lime. Once combined they produce a zing of freshness that really helps to raise your spirits. 

Let's take a look at bergamot essential oil

Bergamot essential oil is a fabulous oil packed full of natural goodness and possessing the ability to not only perk you up but also bring about a sense of calm. This oil is created using the rind of the bergamot orange fruit. The oil is extracted by passing the fruit through a cold press machine which pricks the surface of the rind multiple times to release the oils. The oils are then separated from the water and fruit flesh leaving behind an oil with a sweet and fresh fragrance. 

This invigorating oil has powerful mood-stabilising effects.  It helps not only to elevate mood and promote clarity, but is also used by many people to relieve stress and  irritability.

Bergamot can be found in our happiness, relax and uplifting blends.

Exploring the power of grapefruit essential oil

Grapefruit, like bergamot, is extracted from the rinds of the fruit using the cold press method. The oil produces a tangy fresh aroma and is well known to aid relaxation, relieve anxiety and stress and also has uplifting, stimulating properties, increasing energy levels. 

Grapefruit essential oil also features in our happiness blend.

Benefits of lemongrass

Lemongrass brings summery vibes and memories of Far East travel to this blend and is perfect for adding some zing to those long, hazy days; it can even help to keep those pesky insects at bay.

Lemongrass is a herb from the Poaceae grass family and it will not surprise you to hear that it smells like lemons - but has a sweeter, subtle aroma.

Lemongrass is an incredibly versatile essential oil; known among aromatherapists to be soothing, stimulating and refreshing, it has the ability to both calm and revitalize, to relieve tension and invigorate. Lemongrass is also known to help with insomnia and just a small spritz on your pillow or in a well placed diffuser is a great alternative to counting sheep!

Unlike bergamot and grapefruit, lemongrass essential oils are extracted from the leaves and stems of this tropical grass using a steam-water distillation technique. This technique uses steam and gentle pressure, releasing the oils from the plant. As the warm vapour cools a layer of oil rises to the top and can then be separated from the water.

Last but not least, what does lime essential oil add to the blend, apart from some va va voom!

Lime is one of our favourite essential oils. Simply opening a bottle instantly transports me to a beach on a tropical island - with a G&T in my hand!

Lime essential oil can be extracted in two ways, depending on whether the oil is being extracted from fresh lime peel, which uses the practice of cold pressing, while the steam distillation technique is utilised to obtain the oil from dried peel.

This fabulous, fresh and vibrant oil is known for its purifying properties, helping to clear brain fog and sharpen your mind, as well as restore energy levels. This powerhouse of an essential oil can also soothe your mind and soul after a long, challenging day.

By blending these amazing oils we have been able to create an effervescent, vitalizing citrus scent packed full of natural goodness.

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