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Thank you gifts for teachers - Celebrating the superheroes

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As summer approaches, and another uniquely challenging school year comes to an end, say thank you in style. We’ve got some wonderful thank you gifts for every teacher, tutor and support worker out there, whatever your budget.

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If their teacher is a superhero, someone who was always there to encourage and help them flourish as individuals or helped them master chemistry, fall in love with English, tolerate maths or inspired them to become the next budding entrepreneur, show them how much they are appreciated.

To help, we’ve curated a delicious range of scented gifts for you to show your gratitude. From a simple ‘You’re the best’ to whole class gift sets for those teachers and teaching assistants who are always happy to go above and beyond in the pursuit of education and supporting young people’s well-being.

Help those amazing individuals to relax, unwind and recharge their batteries this summer, before they are back being superheroes again in September, choose from:

Handmade essential oil wax melt gifts

teachers gift - thank you teachers gifts - soy wax melts - essential oil wax melts - ceramic wax melter


Each set of 12 melts are lovingly handmade using nothing but pure (sustainably sourced) soy wax combined with our therapeutic grade essential oil blends. Beautifully packaged in hessian bags, you can choose the perfect fragrance from our scent library or if you are spoilt for choice combine three scents to create a thoughtful gift.

We’ve also combined these fragrant melts with one of our stunning ceramic wax melters to create a fabulous gift set.

Handcrafted aromatherapy candles

Thank you teachers gifts - gifts for teacher - handmade aromatherapy candles - essential oil candles


Scented candles, one of life's great luxuries, create an oasis of calm. Our candles are all completely natural and scented with nothing but pure essential oils. They are beautifully packaged individually or as a gift set.

Hand-blended pure essential oils 

teachers gift  - thankyou gift for teacher - essential oils for wellbeing - pure essential oil blends


Pure essential oils are at the heart of everything we do here at flo, and we understand how they can have a positive impact on our everyday well being. Combining three of the best selling oils into a simple gift that will help teachers to relax and unwind.

Essential oil aroma diffusers

gifts for teacher - teachers gift - best essential oil aroma diffuser - made by zen - fern aroma diffuser


Aroma diffusers are a beautiful and effective way to appreciate the natural power of essential oils. We’ve designed two exclusive thank you gifts for teachers, bringing together two of the best essential oil aroma diffusers and our Day + Night essential oil blends.


gifts for teacher - teachers gift - best essential oil aroma diffuser - made by zen - fern aroma diffuser

So, If you haven't yet decided how to say thank you, we hope this post has given you a few ideas which will help you secure top marks again next year!

We are very proud to have been recognised as vegan and awarded beauty without cruelty status by PETA.

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