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  • Bergamot essential oil


    I​t​ has always been our ethos to scent our products purely​​ with​ essential oils, and over the ​coming​ weeks we w​ill​ share the​ir​​ ​therapeutic benefits​ with you​. The first in our series is Bergamot.​​

  • Natural cleaning hacks - with all new 2019 hacks


    Now is the time to ditch the chemicals and opt for a natural spring clean, so next time you put your feet up you also know your home is naturally fresh-smelling and clean. Checkout the new hacks added for 2019!

  • Natural versus synthetic fragrances

    Essential oil candles

    Natural does not always mean it’s natural when it comes to home fragrance products.

    More and more people are seeking out natural, chemical free products not only for the body but also products within the home. From our inception we were clear we wanted to produce 100% natural products.